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Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I love what I do and I've been creating surface patterns, placements and characters professionally for over twenty five years. My designs are mostly digitally created, using Illustrator, or I sometimes create them through doodling, drawing and painting. It's always rewarding to find new ways to tackle design briefs for my clients.
In recent years I've also been exploring abstract, making playful, colourful, intuitive paintings that incorporate details and symbols, meaningful to me and open to interpretation from the viewer. This is an extension of my design background and echoes my love of colour and pattern.

Living in the South of the UK, as well as being a designer and artist, I'm also a mum with a love of drinking peppermint tea, listening to loud, experimental music, crocheting, painting abstract art, hanging out in the garden, watching too many BBC 4 music documentaries, and binge-eating fudge, though not necessarily in that order.

I've been lucky enough to collaborate with many clients over the years, including :

Pigeon Organics / Lilly + Sid / Lakeland / Hibou Home / Farmers NZ /

Turtledove London / Mothercare / Esmimi / Lucy + Yak / Paper + Cloth / John Lewis / Mamas + Papas


I also make and sell art, cards and prints, so if you'd like to stock my products, please get in touch.


Current stockists include :

Inspired, Worthing UK

Menudos Cuadros

Contact me

Thanks for getting in touch!

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